Federal Aviation Administration Recognizes SevenBar with Level 2 Safety Management System Status

FAA recognized SevenBar Aviation’s efforts by clearing the company to exit Level 1 in the 4 level Safety Management System Pilot Project

DALLAS, TX (June 16, 2014) —On June 11, 2014, a team of FAA inspectors from the Safety Management System (SMS) Program Office and the North Texas Flight Standards District Office met with SevenBar Aviation’s operational leadership team to evaluate progress in implementing the company’s Safety Management System. SevenBar Aviation is pleased to announce that the FAA recognized their efforts by clearing the organization to exit Level 1 in the 4 level SMS Pilot Project progression toward full implementation.

“This serves as recognition of our demonstrated and clearly stated Safety Commitment, providing sufficient resources to implement and manage the program, and training all employees on their role in our SMS. The evaluation team noted that SevenBar Aviation’s SMS documentation is advanced for an operator at this stage of implementation. Many programs required for SMS are already in work or will shortly be launched. Our next goal is to seek a Level 2 exit sometime in the first quarter of 2015.” said Sean Mullholland, SevenBar Aviation Director of Safety.

SevenBar Aviation began operations over 65 years ago. The company was founded in New Mexico at Alameda Airport. SevenBar Aviation soon grew into a leading provider of aviation services throughout the Southwest. The company first offered medical flight services in the late 1970s, when it began flying for hospitals in Albuquerque and later moved its headquarters to Dallas in the mid-1990s.

Since then, the company has developed ongoing professional relationships with leading health care organizations across the country. Today, SevenBar Aviation focuses exclusively on providing air medical flight operations using the most advanced technology, highly trained professionals and proven aircraft, and is in the early stages of offering rotor wing helicopter EMS operations.

“SevenBar Aviation has built an outstanding team of professionals that are recognized as industry leaders and come from diverse professional backgrounds. The company is poised to embrace the future and the challenges the air medical industry faces by actively engaging in local, state, and national levels regarding safety. New processes, technology and aircraft are all incorporated with one goal in mind- safety. We continue to invest in safety as the hallmark of our organization and every single employee of SevenBar Aviation is committed to assuring that we deliver on that commitment daily” said Kim Montgomery, President of SevenBar Aviation.

The SMS program, created and implemented by the FAA in 2010, provides an organizational framework to guide, track, and provide recognition to safety practices by commercial air operators. The effort offers companies the opportunity to work with the FAA to determine safety policies, procedures and practices that can be tailored for a company’s individual needs.

The SMS program is effectively a partnership with the FAA, designed to establish and maintain a fully integrated safety system. SevenBar Aviation’s customers and employees can be assured the company meets the highest standards in aviation safety and operations as a participant in the SMS program.


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