Purpose & Vision

We positively impact lives by serving those who deliver extraordinary patient care.

Firmly Grounded In Our Core Values.

SevenBar Aviation is dedicated to providing superior, personalized medical flight service for our customers and patients. Our vision is to be the premier air medical provider in the nation by providing consistent, top-quality service to our partner hospitals.

In an industry that changes as rapidly as aviation, it’s important to have a guiding star that keeps your team pointed in the same direction. As we continue to evolve, our Vision and Values keep us focused on why we are here and what we need to do to meet your expectations.



Safety is our foundation.  We walk the talk to ensure that each of us is accountable for our actions and for the SevenBar Aviation Safety Commitment.


We are members of a team that extends beyond the walls of our offices and hangars to include all stakeholders.  We appreciate each other’s qualities and perspectives and our relationships are built on trust and respect.  


We are committed to doing the right thing, every time…. even when no one is watching. We adhere to a higher standard, even if that means saying no when needed.  We hold one another accountable for our actions with complete trust in each other.


We value service to others, our communities, our customers and patients. Every day we ask how we can help.  We selflessly give our time to those we serve and encounter.  We help one another so that we all perform at our best.